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Van Dijk.. for the best rye bread

In 2013 the Van Dijk Bakery in Sint Johannesga, a charming village in Skarsterlân in the Dutch province of Friesland, will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. Or is it 101? Well, keeping customers satisfied is all that matters. We want to make sure they continue to cherish our delicious rye bread.

A lighting questionnaire at random supermarkets removes all doubt. Of all the major brands, Van Dijk provides the best rye bread by far. It is slightly softer and tastier than competitors' alternatives. And it stays good much longer too.

What is the secret, you might want to know. Well, according to Geert van Dijk junior "You need to give it time". Even as a young kid, Geert was passionate about bread and to today, he wakes up at 3 every morning to spend the entire day preparing bread at the right temperature, with love and devotion.roggebrood-br225

The loaves which are used to cut the famous yellow slices are left inside the oven for 18 hours. 'Long is Good', is what an advertiser considered painting on Van Dijk's car. But the Van Dijk ladies were a little bit sceptical about it.